El Cahuite

Address: Carretera Colima- Las Guásimas Km 7 Acatitlán, Colima Show map

Address: Carretera Colima- Las Guásimas Km 7 Acatitlán, Colima

El Cahuite is a family center, where children and adults enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Acatitán, combined with the peaceful atmosphere that exists in the park, with pools, hot springs, slides, exquisite food and cabins. Also, the hospitality and service that each worker provides will give your family an eco-tourist unforgettable experience.

You know that this important tourist center is managed by people from Acatitán, they're who started with this natural project and today is an important source of income for themselves and their families.

The hot springs from this place are good for the human body because they are rich in different mineral components that help increase circulation and blood oxygenation, allowing us to remove toxins from the body.


Pools. (The pool water is thermal water birth)
children slides
Slides for adults
Volleyball and beach football

In addition to other basic services included they are:
Bathrooms and showers
Parking lot
Camping area

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About this activity

  • Phone number
    52 1 (312) 596 10 11
  • Opening hours
    9:00 to 19:00 hrs
  • Prices from
    30 MXN
  • Price information
    Adults $30, children $15, elderly $15, Disability $15, table with 4 chairs $20, Camp $15 per person. Special rates for groups and schools.
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