La Yerbabuena

Address: La Yerbabuena Comala, Colima Show map

Address: La Yerbabuena Comala, Colima

La Yerbabuena is a community at 1600 meters above sea level, less than five kilometers from the volcano “de Fuego” crater. La Yerbabuena is the best place to get into the other side of Colima's landscape: the mountain.
Its mild climate and spectacular scenery make it an ideal camping site. You must provide yourself with the necessary because the town does not have services. In winter the temperature drops considerably during the rainy season and the 3 main streams in the area are extremely dangerous (the Zarco, El Cordobán and the river Lumbre). From this area you can visit the National Park "Nevado de Colima" and with the help of local guides you can hike through the forest of conifers, rising to the point where vegetation is interrupted when it hits the sandbanks and rivers of solidified lava, remembering at all times that we are near an active volcano. It's not recommended to climb beyond the tree line. The fauna is impressive, raccoons, skunks, badgers, rabbits and many birds. Sometimes coyotes, foxes, crows and deer can be observed.

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