Archaeological Site of El Chanal

Address: Chanal Road Colima Show map
Como llegar: The most common route of access is known as "the road to Chanal" which begins in the NE corner of the main square of the city of Colima, which corresponds to the street Venustiano Carranza same that runs from south to north and crossing the avenues San Fernando, Felipe Sevilla del Rio and el Tercer Anillo Periférico which lead to the entrance of the village, which corresponds to the main street Aniceto Castellanos; you go one block away and in the corner turn right to reach Bonampak street and. For visitors arriving from Guadalajara to Colima, take the road that says Colima, to enter the Boulevard Camino Real and reaching the turnoff to Comala, is taken to the right corresponds to Tercer Anillo Periférico; after traveling just over three kilometers, again it veers to the right to enter the street Venustiano Carranza, where the Colegio Inglés is and its road reach the village of El Chanal, as mentioned in the above description. For visitors arriving in Manzanillo Colima, there are many exits that lead to Tercer Anillo Periférico, where you can follow the above instructions.