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Cuyutlan Eco Paradise

21 Sep 2019 - 14 Mar 2020
Area: Manzanillo  Map
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Ecoturism Cuyutlan is located 45 minutes South of Manzanillo past a freshwater lagoon and coconut groves. Learn how sea salt is mined while visiting the historic Cuyutlan Salt Museum spon...

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Azul Beach

Area: Manzanillo  Map

Sun & Beach Located in Manzanillo Bay, Azul Beach is the ideal place to enjoy the sunsets and its surroundings anchor the best restaurants in the area, all overlooking the sea. Do not mi...

Boca de Pascuales Beach

Area: Tecomán  Map

Sun & Beach Boca de Pascuales is a beach of open and deep sea water. In this beach you can observe the mouth of Armería River. Strong waves make this place ideal for surfing. It is the mos...

Campos Beach

Area: Manzanillo  Map

Sun & Beach This beach is located in open sea. It has a regular extension and has light gray sand. It is surrounded by vegetation. There is a connection between the beach and Cuyutlán La...

Cocodrilario Alcuzahue

Area: Tecomán  Map

Ecoturism, Adventure Only thirteen kilometers of Tecoman, you can visit the crocodile farm that has 14 different species of crocodiles. To get a good view you can cross a bridge and see them in all ...

Cuyutlán Beach

Area: Tecomán  Map

Sun & Beach It is famous for its "Green Wave", which reaches the impressive height of up to 8 meters from the months of April to June. Currently, there are numerous hotels, restaurants of ...

El Chupadero Estuary (Ramsar Site)

Area: Tecomán  Map

Ecoturism, Adventure It is surrounded by a mangrove forest of four types of species and there is a haven for birds and mammals. You can ride on a boat on its bluish -green waters and observe its ...

El Paríso Beach

Area: Armería  Map

Sun & Beach This beach is narrow with a moderate swell, because it's located in open sea. It's perfect for practicing some water sports like surfing and windsurfing. This beach has fine dar...

El Real Beach

Area: Tecomán  Map

Sun & Beach Enjoy the magic of its flavors. It is located 10 minutes away from the city of Tecoman. Its waters are deep with moderate waves, suitable for surfing. It extends over a wide st...

El Tortugario de Cuyutlán

Area: Armería  Map

Ecoturism, Adventure Here you can observe several species of sea turtles. The goal is to raise awareness and promote a culture of protection and respect for nature as a necessity of human life. K...

El Viejo Beach

Area: Manzanillo  Map

Sun & Beach Located on the other side of west hill Manzanillo, in the town of Campos, it belongs to the beaches located in Manzanillo Bay, next to las Coloradas beach.

La Boquita Beach

Area: Manzanillo  Map

Sun & Beach La Boquita Beach in Manzanillo is a quiet area for families with children. The entrance is through Santiago Club, about one kilometer, followed by a stretch of dirt road in the...

La Culebra Beach

Area: Manzanillo  Map

Sun & Beach Place known as La Colimilla, famous for its great cuisine based on a variety of seafood in restaurants located at the edge of the lagoon and at very reasonable prices. It is loc...

Las Coloradas Beach

Area: Manzanillo  Map

Sun & Beach Next to the El Viejo beach and separated from it by high cliffs, there is another small beach nestled between rocks, known as Las Coloradas. This beach has gentle slope and fin...

Miramar Beach

Area: Manzanillo  Map

Aquatic sports, Sun & Beach It is one of the most famous beaches in Santiago Bay, for having numerous tourist services such as hotels, restaurants, crafts market, horse riding and motorized water sports.

Natura Camp

Area: Manzanillo  Map

Ecoturism, Adventure, Sun & Beach Is an ecological camp, where you can appreciate the vegetation and the warm climate of the coastal region.

Palo Verde Estuary

Area: Armería  Map

Ecoturism, Adventure It is inhabited by mangrove swamps where there is a wide variety of species, from microorganisms to mammals and hundreds of birds. The visitor will have the opportunity to see ...

Peña Blanca Beach

Area: Manzanillo  Map

Sun & Beach All roads lead to the sea, the deserted beach of Peña Blanca is a secret treasure of Manzanillo. It is so unknown that in some seasons of the year it has to be closed for the tu...

San Pedrito Beach

Area: Manzanillo  Map

Sun & Beach San Pedrito Beach is one of the most visited sites by locals and tourists who enjoy its calm waters, favorable for swimming, diving and boat rides. In San Pedrito it is possibl...

Santiago Bay Beach

Area: Manzanillo  Map

Aquatic sports, Sun & Beach Santiago Bay became the first hub in Manzanillo 50 years ago. Its calm blue beaches are ideal for families who prefer to stay in one of the several hotels in the area. It is...

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